Our Story

Cliff Lai Shien Kwang | The founder of Ashmic Steel and Fence

Our founder, Cliff Lai Shien Kwang, started off as a welder during his younger days, working for a shipping company in the oil and gas industry. Over the years, he gained knowledge and experience. He also underwent specialized training to become a welding inspector certified by United Kingdom. As an international welding inspector, he worked in various regions of the world namely Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Australia, United Kingdom and the Middle East. He had done several contract jobs for big companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, CCJV Constructions and Nippon. Working in an expat environment, Cliff gained more knowledge and also had more chance to upgrade his skills.

He was interested to venture into security fencing field after he got himself a big security fencing project. It was a high-security fencing project for the LNG plant (EPC5 Onshore Project) with strict safety measures and regulations to comply. That time, it was his first experience dealing with fencing. Cliff gained his fencing experience from that job. Throughout the project, he traveled throughout China, India, and Vietnam to find the right quality and manufacturing facility for security fencing. He has mastered the fencing skills while working for an Australian company for 5 years. He saw the opportunity for this market, both locally and internationally. Cliff later decided to pull the trigger and eventually started his own fencing business with the support from his loyal friends all over the world.

Over the years, Cliff built up good reputation with his clients and had expanded his business overseas. His main line of business is supplying steel and fencing products to Australia, Europe, United State, Malaysia and across the South East Asia region. As his business expanded, he also invested into China innovative manufacturing facility which had led to the company’s brand today.

Ashmic Steel and Fence - Unique value

With the company’s team of expertise in this field, we now control the Quality, Affordable Pricing, Lead Time and aim to provide the best turn key solution for all our unique clients’ requests. Our business today is mainly supplying steel products and security fencing. We focus on customer service, updates and advanced manufacturing techniques. We have contracts with Government projects and building companies. In addition to the products and services, we also supply direct to the end consumers. Ashmic Steel and Fencing is a stocking distributor for all major manufacturers in the fence industry and we service many independent fence dealers all over the world.

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